Rumah Hati Foundation

We make music to support Indonesian youths to achieve better future.

Lukisan Indonesia Album

Lukisan Indonesia & Aku Kamu Indonesia
Fachmie - Vocal
Mpet - Drum
Ony - Bass
Jay - keys
Alex - Guitar
Taufik - Guitar
Composed, arranged and co-produced by Taufik Hidayat & Anthony Lius
Engineered by Andre Mandera Studio 8 (Bandung, Indonesia)

Maaf, Bunga & Hampa
Fachmie - Vocal
Mpet - Drum
Ony - Bass
Jay - keys
Alex - Guitar
Taufik - Guitar
Composed, arranged and co-produced by STHEL
Engineered by Adi Qubu Studio (Bandung, Indonesia)


Mixed by Maor Sound (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Mastered by Andres Mayo (Austin, TX, USA)

Album artwork by Eduardus Pradipto & Jordina Hakim

About Rumah Hati

Rumah Hati is the brainchild of founders Taufik Hidayat and Anthony Lius. This name was chosen to reflect the dreams of Taufik and Anthony to build a space where music creation can be transformed into a medium for moving hearts, those of musicians and listeners alike, into caring sharing, and giving. Rumah Hati is also mirroring a safe environment whereby the conscience of the listeners would be touched, and bonding and sincerity could be cultivated. 


The journey of Rumah Hati stems from Taufik’s desire to translate his homesickness into meaningful music towards his motherland, Indonesia, which grows stronger each day since he began to wander in 1999 until finally settling in Vancouver, Canada in 2005. In 2012, Taufik met with an international student from Indonesia in Vancouver named Anthony Lius, who was also aspiring to be a musician. Given their shared taste in music, as well as the heavy influence of rock and roll in both of the sound of their music, it is not surprising that the two became close friends and collaborators in music making.


In April 2014, pushed by his desire to make a positive contribution to Indonesia, Taufik opened up about his mission to Anthony to form a project that relates music with genuine philanthropic actions that aim to reduce the burden of orphaned children in Taufik’s hometown, Bandung, Indonesia. Anthony, who since childhood has been immersed in various volunteerism activities, welcomed Taufik’s idea with excitement and expressed his willingness to collaborate with Taufik to realize the project. Their efforts to transform their sense of caring into real actions finally came true in 2015, when Rumah Hati is registered legally in Canada as a Non-profit Society under the name of Rumah Hati Foundation


The accomplishments of Rumah Hati to date include establishing working partnership with various orphanages in Bandung and nearby area, including Al-Yassin Orphanage. Through their contribution with Al-Yassin, Rumah Hati was introduced to Dian Wulansari who leads Angel Assistant community, a social enterprise that oversees several practical programs to assist homeless and at-risk children and youths around Bandung.


Why Bandung? Born and raised in Bandung City, Taufik has a strong emotional bond with Bandung. He was born into a financially struggling family with a poor living condition that eventually forced him to be separated with his biological parents and adopted by another family. However, it is plausible that Rumah Hati will expand its reach to and mobilize their programs in many other regions across Indonesia. It is one of Taufik’s bucket list items to enjoy his retirement by building and overseeing an orphanage in Bandung.


Why Music? It is undeniable that music is an art form that has been woven seamlessly into the fabric of every society around the globe, at every level of socio-economic background. The hope of Rumah Hati’s personnel is to integrate their hobby and passion in music with philanthropic actions, whereby communities and people who listen to their music will be moved to donate and support programs that will aid and serve abandoned and at-risk children. 



To utilize music as a platform that invites musicians and music enthusiasts to share and contribute positively to their surrounding communities.



To create and perform music while supporting Indonesian youths to achieve better future.



To support Indonesian children in obtaining suitable living condition and education.


What We Do


2014 Home Recording Single Pemimpin Yang Setia
2016 Home Recording Single Gajah mada
2018 Studio Album Recording “Lukisan Indonesia“ Featuring STHEL


Produce music and collaborate with musicians around the world.

A platform to support our partners, Angel's Assistant and Al-Yassin Orphanage.



STHEL is a wordplay on the Indonesian slang word "setél", which carries two connotations: "setél" that describes two or more items that are always worn or used simultaneously to complement one another. Also, "setél" which in Bahasa is often used to replace the words: to play, to put on, to adjust, or to turn on.

STHEL was formed in 2011 by Taufik in Bandung. This band is also fronted by a trio of childhood friends who used to be neighbours: Jay (Piano), Arif (Bass), and Mpet (Drum). Alex Sagala (Guitar) and Fachmie Tahtra (Vocal) then followed to complete the harmony of STHEL. For STHEL’s current projects with Rumah Hati, they are also supported by Ony (Bass).


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